It depends on what working height you need

M / S Elektro is engaged in electronic security systems, electronic fire alarm systems, telecommunication and signaling systems, simply anything you imagine under the security of an apartment or other building.

M / S Elektro, although based in Olomouc, has its clients for example in Přerov, Vyškov, Bruntál, Rýmařov, Blansko and so on. Because everyone knows that when you rent a platform, it is only with this company. It might not be easier to borrow or buy it. You will call M / S Elektro dispatching center, which is online 24 hours, 7 days a week, book what you need, state where you want to import it, pay a deposit and your request is hereby confirmed. The platforms can therefore be quickly and easily borrowed by telephone.

Customers of proven and quality different types offer M / S Elektro CZ. You have the option to call 24/7 on the telephone dispatching of this company. The staff will let you take your own truck.